Raw Slender Tea-Tree, Stringybark & Grey Box Honey

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Raw Slender Tea-Tree, Stringybark & Grey Box Honey

Cold extracted & Cold bottled Raw Honey

This unique 'bees own blend' has a medium strength with warm flavours of gingerbread and tropical fruit salad.  

This batch was produced over three distinctly different bee site locations giving it its complex honey flavour. The Slender Tea-Tree flowered first in late spring along the rivers and streams of the Lake Eildon National Park. This is a forest with a thick understory including multiple species of tea-tree and lush tree-ferns with giant eucalypts towering overhead. The bees were then relocated to the Strathbogie State Forest where they have foraged on the Red Stringybark eucalypt flowers. Next the bees journeyed out of the mountains to the Warby Range State Park near Wangaratta where they have filled up on Grey Box honey. This was an apiary of nucleus hives (baby hives which were split off bigger mother hives) and so it has taken some time and multiple moves for them to build their colonies up to size for honey production.  

Botanical Name: Leptospemum brevipes, Eucalyptus macrorhyncha & Eucalyptus microcarpa.
Flavour: Warm with Gingerbread & Tropical Fruits. 
Place of forage: Lake Eildon National Park, Strathbogie State Forests, Warby Range State Park in North-East Victoria North East Victoria. 
Strength (depth): 3/5
Sweetness: 2/5