Raw Blackberry with Ironbark Honey

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Raw Blackberry with Ironbark

Cold extracted & Cold bottled Raw Honey

The RAW Blackberry with Ironbark honey is a light and fruity honey. Foraged over two sites this is a unique bees' blend. The blackberry honey was produced in the Toombullup (pronounced Tum-bull-up) State Forest near Mansfield but with the flowering period coming to an end and forage running out the bees were relocated to the Rushworth State Forest where they topped up on the Ironbark before being full for harvesting.

Botanical Name: Rubus fruticosus & Eucalyptus tricarpa
Flavour: Light & fruity.
Place of forage: Toombullup State Forest & Rushworth State Forest
Strength (depth): 2/5
Sweetness: 3/5