Certified Organic Raw Friendly Giant Honey

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Certified Organic Raw Friendly Giant Honey

Certified Organic, Cold extracted & Cold bottled Raw Honey

The Friendly Giant is a mild and slightly nutty tasting honey. This honey is a unique bees' blend of Christmas Mallee and Giant Mallee honey varieties. Christmas Mallee (Eucalyptus socialis) was named after it's characteristic to grow alongside other Mallee eucalypt species; 'socialis' is a Latin word meaning 'friendly'. 

This honey was produced in mid-summer in the Annuello Flora and Fauna Reserve  in the Mallee region of North-West Victoria.  

We are certified by AUS-QUAL to the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce.  Our certification number is AQ610153.

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus socialis & Eucaluptus incrassata.
Flavour: Mild strength, mild-medium sweetness. Nutty. 
Place of forage: Annuello Flora and Fauna Reserve.
Strength (depth): 1/5
Sweetness: 2/5